Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Scrap & Craft Boutique banner

i was asked a while back to make a banner 
for Lizzy Jose's (Elizabeth Santo) physical store.

she told me the colors were black, pink, and cream/white.
she also asked it to be mixed media style.

sooooo....i cut all 19 banner pieces by hand out of burlap,
then layered lace and cheesecloth (which i Glimmer Misted pink).
i then added the flowers, pearl trim, and black Chinese braid.
the letters i cut w/ my Tim Holtz Chip Block die, 
and glittered myself in black and pink.
i added the holes/eyelets, and used black
twine to string the pieces up.

this was the 2nd banner i made for her, as the 1st got lost
in the mail...  :(
hope she likes it and it goes well in her store.

thanks for stopping by..


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