Saturday, May 10, 2014

my Vinyl projects

hey all.

just wanted to share some projects I've created using vinyl
and my Sil Cameo machine :)

my very 1st try.
made a HK cup for a friend.

made this as a wedding gift.
(lighting and location were horrible, but i get better)

wine glasses as well.
i did the glitter on the stems myself.

this as an anniversary gift for someone at hubby's work.

another wedding gift

matching cutting board.

some cool coffee mugs for an anniversary gift.

for a Christmas gift 2013

also a Christmas gift 2013

Christmas gift for a co-worker 2013
(Dear Santa, I was naughty.... and it was worth it.)

mason jar mug w/lid & straw
for a school function.
made the school logo myself  :)

coffee mug

plastic tumbler w/ logo in school colors.

these are the major projects I've created.
there will be more, so stay tuned :)

thanks for looking.



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